About Tes

Tes Scanlon answers questions from audienceTes Scanlon is the co-founder of SCAN Communications, Ltd, a media-consulting firm with expertise in the programming, production, creation and launch of cable networks. Previous clients include Nextel, NASCAR, NFL Network and Discovery Communications.

She created Competitive Edge Productions to share the knowledge gained through life and competition. She has worked with many local and national charities and is a strong advocate for Organ Donor Awareness.

As an emergency driver, she has transported donated organs for life-saving transplants. Tes has worked with Women Build – Habitat for Humanity and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, helping patients’ families make care packages for wounded soldiers and other military families.

Tes in now focusing her energy on personal healthcare advocacy. As a brain tumor survivor herself, she is working with the Johns Hopkins Pituitary Center to raise awareness and funds for pituitary tumor research. Her website, YourHealthcareJournal.com, provides basic information to educate the public on the importance of becoming pro-active when it comes to medical care.

Tes resides in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband, Robert. Their two sons recently graduated from college and work in California.